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Message from the president: A radical system reform is necessary, now.

President and Representative Director Tsuyoshi Inoue

Now in to the new century, after it has gone through the breakdown of its economy in the 1990s, Japan is facing an urgent need of innovative changes in its economy and social systems.

Rapid transformation of the current environment such as high aging population with low birthrate, globalization, and ICT revolution is calling for a new system if all levels of the society; from individuals to corporate companies, in all areas including public administration and budget-making, finance system, employment, and education. And to have these new systems, it is necessary to read the trend of the times appropriately, form values that go beyond stereotypes, and to create and construct new types of values. So now precisely, “value management” is the key of this era.

We Value Management Institute, Inc. or VMI an inheritor of Long Term Credit Bank of Japan Institute of Research & Consulting, Inc., have crowned the word “value” on our institute name. And uphold “management of values” as the key concept for success, we provide solutions to our clients’ problems by fostering new value creation across a range of fields;

- “Creation of Life Value” for improving individuals’ lives
- “Creation of Corporate Value” through improving its social activities
- “Creation of Business Value” by forming new business structures
- “Creation of Market Value” to
- “Creation of Social Value” to bring

As a skilled professional group highly motivated with the spirit as pioneers of the era, we actively challenge ourselves to provide the best for our clients.


And since April 2013, we have been a consolidated subsidiary company of  Development Bank of Japan Inc. to take one step further to achieve our continual success in making a better economic society for our country.

Finally, your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


President and Representative Director Tsuyoshi


Value Management Institute ,Inc.